Bamboo - A Wonderful Plant Making the World a Greener Place

Bamboo, an evergreen perennial flowering plant with a great number of talents. It is used in so many industries that calling it a grass won’t do it justice. It is used in textile industry, sports and recreation industry, electronic industry, and even in an automotive industry, and it’s doesn’t stop there. But bamboo is a grass, a wonderful one! 

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, so it replenishes quite quickly after the harvest. You can even find a certain species of bamboo in the Guinness World Records as the fastest growing plant (growing up to 91 cm per day). Isn’t it amazing!  

There are approximately 1000 different species of bamboo all-together. Bamboo is naturally prolific and very resilient, doesn’t need fertilisers to boost its growth, neither any pesticides since it’s naturally pest-resistant. Even more amazing, right?

Bamboo is also called a wonder-plant as it does not need any chemicals and needs very little water to grow. It also protects soil from erosion. And on top of all of that, it absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air and releases more oxygen than timber!

The body of a single bamboo is not large and at first you might wonder how on earth is this grass used in so many industries. But bamboo is the “last man standing”. It withstands cold winters, hot summers, and sometimes is the only one standing tall after a typhoon. It is so strong that it is even used in building bridges in China that are capable of supporting trucks that weigh as much as 16 tons!

Bamboo making the world greener One Bamboo

Like anything else, good things come to an end. Luckily bamboo textile follows nature’s basic principle: everything has its place. Bamboo springs to life, bamboo textile is produced, and then it slowly disappears back into the earth. Bamboo is a biodegradable material, meaning it will generally decompose in a year. Superb! It goes back to the earth faster than it comes out of it.

Fashion industry has also started creating new styles and setting trends with more environmentally friendly ways. So have we, with our socks that are 65% - 80% bamboo fibre made out of organically grown bamboo!

Benefits of Bamboo Fabric:

  • Antibacterial - You will smell fresh as a daisy
  • Highly sweat absorbent and breathable - Either in the gym, in the meeting, or on your first date...let the sweating be your last problem!
  • Highly insulating - So cool in the summer, and warm in the winter!
  • Texture - One of the softest fabrics on the planet
  • Naturally UV protectant - Especially in Australia, protecting your skin from the sun is so important
  • Hypoallergenic - Natural bamboo doesn’t cause allergic reaction

Our happy socks will make you feel fresh, comfy, stylish and eco-friendly. They also have reinforced heel and toe, so you don’t have to worry about holes!

Bamboo makes the world a greener place. You can make your world a more colourful place with Lambchopssocks! Browse for yourself and find your true colours!


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