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Black or white socks? Why not both?

Dominos Socks - Lambchopssocks

It’s 7am and your alarm goes off. You hop out of bed and dress yourself for the day. Once you’ve got your outfit sorted, the last step is socks. Do you play it safe and go for your standard black pair? Or perhaps you’ve heard white socks are back in style and feel like changing up your fashion game one step at a time .. ;) If you’re more on the daring side, you may decide on the black and white combination or even mix and match!

Whatever the case may be, black and white is a classic colour combo and they look great on their own as well. We’ve seen many fashion trends such as the little black dress and the suit and tie embrace these colours. Black and white has also found its place in less formal settings such as everyday or workwear. Even the most fashion-challenged individuals know that black and white is a win!

black and white socks lambchopssocks

Is white right?

The colour white has been coined with purity and innocence for as long as we can remember! White speaks to light, cleanliness and often positivity. White goes with just about anything and has been a staple in most people’s wardrobes for decades. Adding white to an outfit can make your look much more put together and crisp!

Black is back

Black is a go to for any outfit as well. It’s easy to match with essentially any colour and is most often associated with darkness and loss of innocence. When it comes to the workplace, black always seems to be present. Whether it’s trousers, a dress or a pair of socks, black isn't going anywhere. 

Life in black and white

Lambchops Socks black or white

Whoever said life in colour was the way to go, never considered the timeless colour combination of black and white. Black and white gives you the best of both worlds! The contrast of the two colours is eye catching and can really spice up any outfit. From stripes, to checks and everything in between, black and white is a fashion trend that’s here to stay. Even todays major players such as Vogue, Valentino, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci know how a black and white accent or accessory can change up your fashion game! 

At Lambchopssocks we embrace individuality and encourage you to express yourself in what feels best. For us that’s fun mix and match socks! Our socks come in a variety of colours and designs but we’ll fill you in on a little secret.. Our black and white ones just might be our fave!!

black and white socks lambchopssocks

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The Best Bet!
The Best Bet!


Fun facts about Bamboo
Fun facts about Bamboo


Lambchopssocks are 65%-80% bamboo fibre. Look after your feet AND the planet in style with our bamboo socks collection.
Socks are the new ties
Socks are the new ties


Looking to spice up your wardrobe? Well look no further than Lambchopsocks! With colourful socks on the rise, you can leave your ties behind. Become a part of the sock movement today!

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