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China Is Not A Dirty Word

June 12, 2019 2 min read

Large spot black and white sock - Lambchopssocks

“Made in China.”

What comes to mind when you see that written on a tag? These three words often steer away conscious consumers because of China’s typical reputation for its mass production, cheap wages and poor working conditions. Essentially, it can trigger thoughts revolving around the wordsunfair,low qualityorsweatshop.

Happy socks lambchopsocks

This in mind, some ethical brands have actually made a conscious choice to manufacture in China, which provides sustainable and ethical work for factory workers. These brands are seeking to end the present stigma.

Where are we going with this? You guessed it - Lambchopssocks is one of those brands. Our socks are ethically and proudly ‘Made in China’.

Despite the upward trajectoryof working conditions in China, I feel that I almost have to apologise when I tell people where our socks are made.

“My socks are made ethically by a Chinese manufacturer that adheres to fair trade practices. They employ 11-50 people.  I researched the company and asked all the right questions. They have emailed me their compliance certificates.”

colouful socks lambchopsocks


One reason we manufacture in China is that we found people who truly care about our product as much as we do - this is a MUST because we believe being passionate about your work is important.

“I have tried to do business with companies in Thailand and Bangladesh and of course Australia but they are not interested in my product or the short runs. Nothing compares to Chinese customer service.”

Lambchopssocks are not like other popular sock brands because we are NOT mass produced. We produce 100-150 pairs of each design so they are truly unique and exclusive.

We want our colourful, funsocks to be sustainable - not only meaning they are long-lasting and made of ethical material, but also meaning that they are made in quality conditions. We believe we have found a gem in China, and we hope that you can see that “Made in China” is not a dirty disclaimer on our products.

Anna Lecat, the founder and CEO of the ethical bamboo clothing line Les Lunes also manufactures in China and has stated, “we battle stigma with beauty”, and we couldn’t agree more when it comes to our bamboo socks.

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