Winter can be tough on the soul… and your sole ;) Particularly here in Melbourne, where the weather has been grey and gloomy for weeks now. It can be hard to find the fun amongst black suits and grey skies, but we at Lambchopssocks think we can help with that.

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Colourful socks can be one of the funnest ways to add colour to your winter wardrobe, and the easiest. We don’t believe that socks need to always match everything else, they can become an easy statement piece no matter the rest of your outfit. Our Odd Socks are designed to stand out and add something special. We know it’s the little things that help on a gloomy Monday morning; a freshly made coffee, snoozing the alarm five times, getting a seat on the train, and choosing what socks to wear to brighten up the boring old suit and tie.

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If you’re new to colour, or if it scares you (or your boss) our Black And White Socks can give you something to look down and smile about. We add a bit of colour on the bottom, a little treat just for you, but keep it classic on the top. A bit of funky odd polka dots to keep things interesting, but with a colour combo that never fails.

For the weekends off, for the brave at heart, or for the casual Fridays, why not change the winter blues to the Stripy Blues? Embrace the cold with a twist, and get people to look twice. I know a nice comment on my outfit always cheers me up, and these are a sure way to achieve that.

And then there is those times where you need a reminder of the summer. When the sun hasn’t shone for weeks, your friends are posting photos of their Europe vacation, and you’re scrolling through your photos from the beach in the summer, wishing you were anywhere but here. That is the height of winter blues. Our Gelato Block Socks are there for you. Wear them with the sandals that have been hiding in your closet since February, and show Winter who’s boss.

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But how much can socks really help? You can’t see them that much can you? Ah, that’s where you would be wrong. You don’t realise the difference they make until you are wearing the funky fun ones. Everytime you look down, whether it’s to avoid the rain, the armpits of everyone else on the train, or your coworkers glares, what do you see? Your socks! Bathroom breaks? Your socks! The relief of taking your shoes off when you get home and you’re tired? Your socks! Putting your feet up when you finally hit the couch at home? Your socks!

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The best thing about socks on a cold winter day thought? They keep you warm and dry! Or at least ours do. The benefits of our bamboo fabric, used in all our socks, is that it keeps your feet warm, dry, and most importantly… not stinky! No longer will you have to face the shame of smelly feet, I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is, trust me.

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So be brave, be bold, and embrace the winter weather. Don’t let the Winter season let you down or cause a slump, you’re better than that! Creative, little things like funky socks are the perfect way to keep your spirits up, and we are here to help.

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