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Join the Odd Sock Squad!

This one is for the weird, the wacky, the out there and the rebellious types. But anyone can read this and draw inspiration and give your styling and personal “brand” a makeover.

Here at Lambchopssocks, it is our goal to look after your feet in style. Let your personality shine through, with our fun socks, our colourful socks, our odd socks, Your personality will shine through more than ever!


Ooh yes, you can walk into any function, event, sports game, job interview or first date, and doing this with your fresh set of Lambchopssocks (nice decision on the colour by the way), you will be fully prepared to take the world by the horns. This is you, This is who you are, don't let anyone tell you any different. Be happy and positive of the person that you are. That new date will just need to take one good look at your socks and they will be ready to get to know you! (oh if it were that easy) But the socks will definitely help! That job interview for the position you're dreaming of, everyone will see you come in with rocking the fun socks and be like: “this person has flare!” Its all about those socks.

Range of Lambchopssocks

Feeling bold? Why not try the large dot black and white socks?! For the rebellious. If your feeling a bit different, independent and motivated then the Ladybird Socks are the perfect fit for you. Snug and comfortable they let your feet breathe with bamboo fibre which the socks are created with.

You can follow us on Instagram @lambchops_socks to see these socks in action. 

The range is large, and the colours plentiful - see for yourself - so its always a hard decision which ones to pick! Let me have them all! These socks they are fun, expressive and unexpected. Fun Socks.

Post your best photos rocking the Lambchopssocks to us on Instagram or use us in the hashtag! - @Lambchops_Socks #Lambchops #Lambchopssocks

And follow us on Facebook - @Lambchopssocks

Enjoy the new colourful life!

Also in Lambchopssocks

The Best Bet!
The Best Bet!


Fun facts about Bamboo
Fun facts about Bamboo


Lambchopssocks are 65%-80% bamboo fibre. Look after your feet AND the planet in style with our bamboo socks collection.
Socks are the new ties
Socks are the new ties


Looking to spice up your wardrobe? Well look no further than Lambchopsocks! With colourful socks on the rise, you can leave your ties behind. Become a part of the sock movement today!

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