Meet Our Founder: Kay Fraser

It was over 30 years ago when our founder Kay Fraser completed her graphic design degree, but her passion for art and design has never left her.

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When completing her degree, she didn’t initially use it, instead deciding to follow another one of her interests, and open a bookstore. That was no easy task, with all the difficulties of running a retail store. But it kept her happy, I mean, who wouldn’t be happy surrounded by books all day?

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Eventually that period of her life came to an end, with Melbourne real estate and our passion for online shopping leading to its closure. Instead of feeling defeated or down, Kay saw this as an opportunity for a new start.

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Understanding the difficulties of running a physical store, but knowing the satisfaction of owning a business that kept people happy, she saw this as the perfect chance to open an online store, but what should she sell?

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Kay knew she wanted to express her creativity and explore that passion for design that had never left her. And she wanted to do it in a way that was accessible to everyone, not just something hanging in a gallery. Kay needed to think about how she could help Australia add a little piece of art to their everyday clothing.

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How to do this? Colourful socks of course! Their ability to be worn just as easily with suits as with fun summer dresses makes them the perfect way for everyone to express themselves. Kay wanted her line to be a way to express her love of design, so to do that she looked at designs she loved. She is passionate when discusses modern art, citing her love for the crisp lines and bold, bright shapes and colours. Kay understands the complexity behind this art, the need to have complementing colours that catch the eye. This is very much seen in her fun socks designs.

colourful fun socks lamb chops socks

It’s very clear that Kay is drawn to block shapes, with most of her designs featuring polka dots of all different sizes, or fun twists on square designs. It’s not hard to imagine her strolling through a modern art gallery and picking up on the inspiration.

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No that's not her, but it could be!

It isn’t just art that helps inspire these colourful socks and their designer. Inspiration can be drawn from anywhere. The Gelato Block socks draw from a warm summer's day, strolling down the beach.

The Dot Stripe Dot Ruby socks are a unique twist on the animal kingdom, combining the unique patterns of both zebras and ladybirds. Two recognisable patterns, two odd socks!

As much as these socks stand out and show what Lambchopssocks is about, they aren't Kay's favourite ones. The Black White Squares Socks, with their fun pops of pink, are the ones she just can’t stop thinking about. And of course they are, they so perfectly show the inspiration from the crispness of modern art, mixed with her love of a pop of colour. The perfect wearable but fun odd sock.

fun funky colourful socks melbourne

Lambchopssocks knows that it's the little things that can help with the everyday, Kay has followed her dream, doing what she loves. Put on your favourite pair of fun socks, and let yourself follow yours!

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