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Black and White Squares - Lambchopssocks

It was over 30 years ago when I completed my graphic design degree, but my passion for art and design has never left me.

I knew I wanted to express my creativity. And I wanted to do it in a way that was accessible to everyone, not just something hanging in a gallery. I needed to think about how I could help people add a little piece of art to their everyday clothing. I wanted to make something that was practical, colourful and fun - mismatched socks.

colourful socks fun funky melbourne

What can be more fun than mismatched socks? Their ability to be worn just as easily with suits as with fun summer dresses makes them the perfect way for everyone to express themselves. I wanted my socks to be a way to express my love of design, shapes and colour and I use my graphic design background to mix and match (or mismatch) spots, dots, stripes, squares, shapes and bold colours of various sizes to produce unique designs to make your feet stand out and be noticed. 

colourful fun socks lamb chops socks

It’s very clear that I am drawn to block shapes, with most of my designs featuring polka dots of all different sizes, or fun twists on square designs. 

The Ladybird socks are a unique twist on the animal kingdom, combining the unique patterns of both zebras and ladybirds. Two recognisable patterns, two odd socks!

As much as these socks stand out and show what Lambchopssocks is about, they aren't my favourite ones. TheBlack White Squares Socks, with their fun pops of pink, are the ones I just can’t stop wearing. They so perfectly show the inspiration from the crispness of modern art, mixed with my love of a pop of colour. The perfect wearable but fun odd sock.

Once you have found your inspiration, post your best photos rocking the Lambchopssocks to us on Instagram or use us in the hashtag! - @Lambchops_Socks #Lambchops #Lambchopssocks

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