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This spring, there’s one thing on every Australian’s mind: Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival. The four-day horse racing event at Flemington Racecourse has grown to be a hub for camaraderie, banter, gambling, music, and more. It’s also a fashion extravaganza! 

Kicking off on Saturday 2nd of November this year, different styles of dress are appropriate for each day of the carnival. Some days require a classic, traditional style of dress, whereas other days welcome creativity and eye-popping accessories. 

Lambchopssocks Large Dot

Socks are no longer required for men, though we think they’re amust! Socks can transform a man’s suit, taking a look from boring and ignored to creative and daring. For men, each day is a perfect opportunity to don a theme-appropriate pair of socks sure to make each ensemble an eye-catching one. 

With our sock recommendations, you may consider entering some of the event’s fashion competitions! 

Day 1: Derby Day

Derby Day welcomes a monochromatic color palette and is considered the most classic and traditional day for dress. Grey suits are encouraged, though slight variations ranging from light grey to black are completely acceptable. You may consider donning a top hat! 

As far as socks are concerned, you’ll want to stick to classic colors and styles for Derby Day. Consider Dominos Socks or Large Dot Black and White Socks for day one of the carnival, as these stick to the required black and white palette but provide an edge that will set your dress apart from the competition. 

Elegant, classy, and sophisticated, but with a daring, polka-dot edge? Well… that’s just Myer Fashions on the Field competition worthy! 

Day 2: Melbourne Cup Day

 On Melbourne Cup Day, there’s a palpable excitement that can be attributed to more than just the race. With all of that excitement, it makes sense thatthis is the day of the festival to don your most grandiose attire. Though class and elegance remain important, feel free to mix it up with your favourite bold colors. A great way to truly pop and make a statement? Socks! 

For Melbourne Cup 2019, consider giving your suit a flashy upgrade with bright styles such as Liquorice Allsorts Socks, or even  Morse Code Socks! Both versions are sure to wow spectators. 

Day 3: Oaks Day

 Inspired by soft colors and femininity, Oaks Day is a day where men can soften up and show their more vulnerable side. Participate in the day’s theme by sticking to softer color palettes for suits and shirts. Florals are acceptable, as are softer, more feminine hues like light pink and baby blue. 

 As far as socks are concerned, you can’t go wrong with the pink and white color palette ofPink Spot Stripe Socks, or the soft but bold pink, yellow, and blue hues of theGelato Blocks Socks.

Day 4: Stakes Day

 Much like a grand finale, Stakes Day is always bustling with the highest excitement levels of the week. Though made up of just as much racing, fashion, and entertainment, it’s a slightly quieter day made perfect for entire families. Stakes Day fashion is more laid back, but remains a focal point. All members of the family are encouraged to participate and don their favorite chic ensembles. 

 For suits, a more relaxed look is appropriate. Men can feel free to mix and match the colors of their suit pieces, with many choosing grey, tan, and even light blue hues.

In terms of socks, you’d be right on the money to rock a pair of  Mint Slices or   Licorice AllSorts! 

There’s no doubt about it: Melbourne Racing Carnival is truly all about fun. Through dress, attendees are able to express their sense of fashion while bonding with friends and family and just having an all-out grand time. Men can truly make the most of the various themes and stand out through fashion by preparing their ensembles for the various days, made complete with socks!

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