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Look after your feet AND the planet in style with our bamboo socks from Australia.

Say goodbye to smelly feet. Lambchopssocks are made from absorbent bamboo fibre with natural antibacterial properties that give it a soft luxurious feel and maximum comfort. (It’s surprisingly softer than cotton... and what could possibly be softer than cotton?) As bacteria doesn’t grow on bamboo cloth, it’ll leave your socks free from the odours that thrive in cotton socks. The antifungal properties retain even after washing multiple times, so it feels good AND smells good. What’s not to like?

Bamboo absorbs moisture from the skin, keeping your feet dry. It’s also naturally hypoallergenic, suitable for allergy-prone skin and anti-static so that it won’t cling to your skin. It’s highly breathable, yet thick, as it adjusts well to temperature changes to help you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Fresh feet all year? YAS! 

More than just food for pandas, bamboo is also super good for the environment. It’s 100% biodegradable and takes up 90% less land area than cotton needs to yield the same amount. (Talk about saving space!) Did you know that bamboo is also the fastest growing plant in the world? When it’s harvested, it can grow back within a year (up to a meter a day), making it incredibly sustainable. Plus, it’s also soil friendly as it grows on unviable slopes and is able to be cut without budging the soil. Naturally, pests hate bamboo anyway, so it doesn’t need pesky pesticides or fertilisers to grow. That’s why we love using bamboo in our socks as an alternative to cotton and synthetic fabrics!

We like to minimise our environmental impact and make our socks using the finest quality bamboo, certified organically grown in Southern China. No hazardous pesticides, fertilisers or insecticides whatsoever.

Bottom line, stay odour free with Lambchopssocks and the planet will say thanks. Get your colourful bamboo socks online, free shipping Australia wide.

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