Colourful Socks


We’re a fully Aussie owned company that’s got tons of colourful socks for ya. In fact, we make an odd pair! 

We’re super passionate about our colourful socks which are complementary AND mismatched with pops of colour to spice up your top drawer. Designed in Melbourne, we make sure every sock on our page is made with the individual in mind.

This is how ordinary can be extraordinary. To us, socks are an everyday essential. They say people wearing fun socks with bold colours are nonconformists, competent and ambitious. They certainly want to be noticed, and in a good way. Bonus points: The bamboo in our socks has a ton of benefits like odour prevention and superior comfort.


Lambchopssocks, with our unique patterns and bold colour palettes, provides you with a fun form of expression that can be switched up every single day. There are no rules - you can even mix and match amongst different pairs if you’d like to!

From gelato colours to sailor stripes, we’ve got a variety of colourful socks for you to showcase your individuality and uniqueness. Don’t toe the line - get on it! Free shipping Australia wide.

P.S. Are you wearing your Friday socks? (They’re like normal socks, but they’re ready to party).