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Socks are the New Ties

4 min read

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There was a day when strapping on a necktie was a key component in getting ready for work. Men and women alike kept racks of ties for every occasion. From going to church to dressing up for a date to (of course) giving a presentation in the boardroom, neckties were a must. Those days, however, are gone. For further proof, all you need to do is look over on Etsy, where they have a whole category of (wait for it!) "Vintage Ties" from the 1990s!

With neckties on their way out, socks are most definitely on the way in. Even the experts over at Forbes believe it!

And no wonder. Here's why.

4 Reasons Why Socks Are the New Ties

Here are the main reasons why today's professionals are saying out with neckties and in with socks!



Over the last ten years in Australia, sales of neckties have been dwindling. And no wonder. Professionals simply aren't wearing neckties to work at the rates they did in the past, partly because neckties are so uncomfortable.

Every part of the process is a chore and discomfort all the way:

  • Tightening the tie around the neck
  • Completing complicated manoeuvres of tucks and folds
  • Keeping the tie cinched tight all day
  • Dealing with keeping it out of the way (and unstained!) 
  • Having ties cleaned specially and hung carefully in rows on racks

From top to bottom, ties are uncomfortable and annoying to deal with.

Socks, on the other hand, are a simple delight. They can be thrown in the wash, folded and put away like any other clothing item, tugged on in two seconds as you're rushing to get ready for work, and treated with the same casual indifference you treat the rest of your clothes. 

Why would anyone prefer ties to fun and comfy socks? We certainly can't imagine!


Men have always found ways to assert their own unique sense of style. From hats to beards to tattoos, men enjoy expressing their individuality and accessorizing just like anybody else.

For a time, as mentioned above, that sense of style was expressed through neckties. During the heyday of neckties, men would choose ties that corresponded with their favourite colours, reflected their hobbies, or even displayed beloved sports teams of TV characters. These being men, whether the tie in question actually matched their overall ensemble was less of an issue with some than with others. The important thing was that their neckties were helping to express their unique senses of style.  

Now, that same sense of self-expression is being displayed through socks.

"Bright" socks can mean a lot of things: bold solid colors, classic patterns such as argyle and paisley, colorful stripes and really funky novelty prints all qualify. To liven up a simple outfit, a pair of unique socks can change combinations like jeans/T-shirt or khakis/knit polo shirt into something that seems more designed and on purpose. It tells people you don't look this way by accident but planned your outfit. (Arkansas Gazette Opinion)

Whether you want people to think your bright and eye-catching socks were planned or just an accidental flourish is up to you. As long as they make you feel good and bring a smile to someone else's face, it's worth it to have fun and express your own unique sense of style.


While some might find odd socks odd, others consider odd a compliment.

After all, some of the world's most creative artists and thinkers were odd. From their lives to the way they engaged with their work, they simply didn't seem to care that they were living slightly out of step with their contemporaries. More than that, their sheer "oddness" is often what made them (and their work!) so great.

Consider Picasso. The distorted faces in his paintings, though considered "odd" even by the art standards of his day, are now recognised as part of his signature style.  As arguably one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Picasso's creativity was expressed in ways we had not seen before.

Through a willingness to press forward and beyond what people expect, we often find what makes us unique.

For those in our lives who are longing to express their creativity—or who are already known for doing so—a few pairs of odd socks can make a great gift. This gift can serve as an affirmation to the creative souls in our lives, essentially saying, "I see you" and "I like the way you are."

New Normal

In more recent days, the business world has been shaken out of its regular rhythms and routines. Along with men and women around the world, large swaths of Australians have spent time working from home. As a result, many have become accustomed to a significantly more cosy workday standard than they'd enjoyed previously.

The question is, will they ever return to "normal" standards of dress? Do they even want to do so? Or do they want to carry their "lockdown looks" with them into the new normal?

Just as major shifts of the past affected dress standards (think post-war shakeups of the 1930s and 40s), our more recent pandemic shifts will continue to have ripple effects for years to come.

That includes our dress standards at work.

Some forecast our penchant for relaxed clothing will ripple through office dress protocols this year in a move to something akin to casual Fridays. While it's unlikely the tracksuit will replace the suit just yet, looser styles, freer tailoring and lighter fabrics would be another step along the path suggested by dress reformers a century ago. (ABC Australia)

 If you're looking to carry some of your lockdown cosiness with you as you return to the office, we can't think of better way than with some fun and funky socks.  

Shop Lambchopssocks

It's time to make sure the man in your life has the right sort of socks to set his best foot forward. Come check out our odd socks and celebrate your individuality in comfort and style!

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