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Where are Lambchopssocks made?

Lambchopssocks are crafted from sustainable bamboo which is Oeko-100 certified. This means the environment and surrounding farms and rivers are not harmed in the making of the yarn.

We have been asked why we do not produce in Australia. When we started, we sought out Australian manufacturers certified by Ethical Clothing Australia and were unable to find a factory that shared our vision. With advice from an Australian sourcing company, we looked abroad  before finding the right fit for our values and needs. So after our initial attempts to find an Australian manufacturer failed, our socks are made in an Ethical facility overseas.

Why Bamboo?

We chose bamboo because of its naturally hypoallergenic properties. It wicks away excess moisture from the skin leaving your feet odour free and less prone to eczema. The antibacterial and anti fungal properties of bamboo are retained even after washing multiple times.

Why is bamboo better for the environment?

Bamboo is a wonder plant. It has a Guinness World Record for being the fastest growing plant on earth, sometimes up to 100 cm a day.  Bamboo needs no irrigation to grow, whereas a cotton t-shirt can take up to 2700 litres of water to produce. Bamboo needs no pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers. No toxic nasties! It also absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air and releases more oxygen into the air thus improving air quality.

How should I care for my Lambchopssocks?

Our socks should be washed in warm or cold water, but should not be put in the dryer. Air dry to get the most life out of your socks. They can actually be worn more than once between washes as the bamboo keeps them fresh longer.