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Socks are the new ties

Socks In: Ties Out. In the 21st Century we have seen many outrageous fashion trends, but at the heart of every fad is always the desire to express oneself. Where the necktie was once a symbol of power, knowledge and authority, it is now being observed as an image of subservience. Service people in hotels, supermarkets and even fast food restaurants are now wearing ties, and we have lost some of that 1990s floral print individuality.

In the business world we have seen a relaxing of dress code lead by the king of casual himself; Bill Gates. Alongside the explosion of small tech startup companies, many are foregoing traditional corporate dress for the open collared look. In Silicon Valley, The New York Times magazine reports that you wouldn’t be caught dead in a tie. The quirky sock trend is an acceptable display of style in the often male dominated tech industry. Entrepreneur’s socks are repeatedly on display when presenting their latest technology on stage, creating a perfect avenue to ad personality to their brand.

Fuelling the colourful sock craze is in fact the rise of the fashion conscious man. Men are now more willing to adopt trends and are actively creating their own style. In the lead up to the 2000s and moving into the new century showing style became more relaxed as we give away old traditions and fashion etiquette. The mankle: or ‘man ankle’, where men are wearing shorter pants to show off their lower legs has risen in popularity in the past decade. 

Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been seen in the spotlight jumping on the sock bandwagon. Wearing a pair of outrageous purple and yellow rubber duck socks at the World Economic Forum. Although he’s wearing a tie, he’s still giving his quirky socks the spotlight.

Once upon a time the quirky man showed off his personality by throwing on his best Looney Tunes tie (I know because my dad has about six of them).

But global market research company NPD found that the necktie market peaked in 1995, and has since dramatically fallen. NPD also noticed an increase in the sale of socks in 2014, saying themselves that socks are the new power tie.

Quirky socks can be an affordable way to spice up your wardrobe. So throw out your ties because at Lambchopssocks our colourful range of socks are suitable for fashion conscious men and women. Wear them to work, or with your favourite pair of cropped jeans. They’re sure to be a hit amongst colleagues and friends!

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Lambchopssocks are 65%-80% bamboo fibre. Look after your feet AND the planet in style with our bamboo socks collection.
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Black or white socks? Why not both?


Black and white go with just about anything. The colour combo is a true classic and the fashion trend is here to stay! Just ask the big names like Vogue, Gucci & Valentino just to name a few.

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