Socks are the new Ties

What’re you stepping out in today? Whether it’s the comfort in your step or your
confidence at a meeting, it all comes down to the socks. No matter what you’re up to, make us a part of your journey. Great things are afoot, I can feel it in my sole. Truly exhausting all of my puns here, ‘cause our socks are funny things. You won’t find an identical pair here; only the most funky socks in Australia. I mean, you can't deny that opposites attract.

Start your day off on the right foot with lambchopssocks, an Australian brand that believes socks should be as fun and individual as you are. (You don’t have to dye your hair pink or get a tattoo to be unique!) You were born to stand out, so make our socks your new statement piece.

All of our socks range from 53% to 80% bamboo fibre, which gives you superior wear, comfort, odour protection and performance. Designed in Melbourne, we love creating unique patterns and bold colour palettes to make our perfectly mismatched socks truly individual – no boring white socks allowed. 

Our ‘super soft and super cute’ socks (as reviewed by our beloved customers) will make a great conversation topic, so join in the Odd Squad. Now, since life’s too short for matching socks, let’s play a little game of spot the difference with our fun socks online. (We don’t mean to put you on the spot, but it’s all about the spots here at Lambchopssocks!)