About Us

Why should you lambchop your socks?

Don’t you want superior comfort, durability and quality? To help the environment while doing so? If you say no to that, what are you thinking? If you say yes, then we can help! We are proud of our product, proud of how we make it, and proud to sell it. Our Australian designed colourful socks are unique, just like you!

So what’s so great about bamboo?

Bamboo is a super absorbent fibre that provides superior ventilation and natural anti-bacterial properties to give you continuous protection against foot odour. Its soft, luxurious feel gives all day comfort, just like a cozy blanket for your feet. We use only the finest quality bamboo, reinforced heel and toe for durability and comfort – no holes allowed! 

In addition to the wonderful health benefits, we are also big fans of bamboo socks in Australia because they are natural, renewable and environmentally sustainable. Bamboo’s eco footprint is much smaller than cotton, as bamboo usually does not need pesticides or fertilisers to help production.