About Us

The lambchopssocks story started in Amsterdam while Kay was on holiday with her daughter Amy-Rose. They were sitting in a restaurant when Kay noticed a group of guys in suits all wearing colourful socks. She realised that colourful socks had become mainstream and needed a shake up. Kay decided then to use her graphic design background to design colourful odd socks and have them made from bamboo.


This gave Kay an outlet to utilise her love of all things modern and colourful and mix and match (or mismatch) stripes, spots, squares, dots and shapes of bold colours of various sizes and produce unique designs that will make your feet stand out and be noticed.


“The combinations are endless and very exciting to me. These funky socks are made for people who like to be different.”

In Kay’s Melbourne studio she uses the old fashioned way of putting Derwent pencil to paper to find the right combination of colours before going to the computer to fine tune the design.


Lambchopssocks is a slow and ethical brand as the odd socks are made in a fair trade facility where 12-20 people are employed and enjoy a fair wage and safe working conditions. The bamboo is sustainable and It can grow almost one metre a day without any pesticides or irrigation and the facility operates to OEKO-TEX standards. This insures no farms or rivers are harmed during harvesting, production or dying.