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About Us

Lambchopssocks isn’t just another sock brand. It’s a way to express yourself while simultaneously participating in slow fashion that does its part to contribute to a greener world.

Born while exploring Amsterdam, founder and Creative Director Kay Fraser put on her creativity hat and came up with an idea destined to shake up ankles around the globe. She noticed some men in business suits sporting colourful socks, but recognized their need for some extra spice. 

Kay used her graphic design background to come up with some fun patterns and designs. Low and behold, Lambchopssocks was born.

 Made with bamboo, the soft feel is what really makes people fall in love with the brand. Plus, it rapidly grows without pesticides, ensuring that no farms or rivers are harmed during harvesting, production or dying. Bamboo promotes moisture wicking, antibacterial properties, and cooler feet, which means less sweat, dirtiness, and odour.

It’s quite literally a win-win for everyone and their feet!

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Kay designs each sock pattern on pen and paper (the old-fashioned way) before transferring it to its digital version. Her inspiration comes from the pop art world, where lines are straight, edges are sharp and colours are pure.

Lambchopssocks are ethically made in a family run facility that employs 12-20 people and offers fair pay and safe working conditions.

Each design is made in small batches, because who wants to show up to the function wearing the same socks as the other guy? Whether you want to spice up your business suit, stand out among your mates, the odd socks squad is your invitation to all things modern and quirky!

 Who can say no to that?